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Selected Media Coverage

Money Is Up. Patriotism and Religion Are Down. The New York Times. March 2023

Number of antisemitic incidents in Massachusetts surged in 2022The Boston Globe. March 2023

Survey finds ‘classical fascist’ antisemitic views widespread in U.S. The Washington Post. January 2023

The Perks of Faith: How religious belief and behavior help students thrive in school. Education Next. July 2022

Religious Children Make Better Students. But Are They Also Less Ambitious? Mosaic Magazine. July 2022

US abortion ruling ‘another blow’ to women’s educational chancesTimes Higher Education. June 2022

If ‘Roe’ Falls, More Female Students Could Face the ‘Motherhood Penalty’​. The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 2022

Girls raised by Jewish parents outperform Christian girls academically, Religion News Service (Reprinted in The Washington Post), May 2022

How Jewish families prime girls for success in schools and careers. Jewish Telegraphic Agency, May 2022

Yentl’s revenge: Young American-Jewish women outperform all others academically. Times of Israel, May 2022 (Click here to read it in Hebrew)

American girls raised by Jewish parents are more likely to graduate college. Jerusalem Post, April 2022

Looking to learn something new in retirement? Find an age-friendly university. Market Watch, April 2022

A religious upbringing may fuel academic success. Here’s how. Deseret News, February 2022

Review of God, Grades, and Graduation. Wall Street Journal, January 2022

Q&A about God, Grades, and GraduationInside Higher Ed, January 2022

As We Live Longer, How Should Life Change? There Is a Blueprint. The New York Times, November 2021

Professor Details COVID’s Impact on Local Jews. The Jewish Exponent, October 2021

Invited Talks/Panels/Podcasts (click for recording)

Ep. 329: Sociologist Ilana Horwitz on ‘God, Grades, and Graduation,’ 

Unorthodox Podcast, August 2022

Does Religious Commitment Improve Academic Performance? (Sometimes) with Ilana Horwitz, PhD. The Mind, Body, and Soul in Healing Podcast with Dr. Harvey Schwartz, June 2022

God, Grades, and Graduation: Religion's Surprising Impact on Academic Success. New Books Network, May 2022

Report Card with Nat Malkus: Ilana Horwitz on the Impact of Religion on Student Outcomes. American Enterprise Institute, May 2022

Innovation in Longevity. The Center for Global Brand Leadership at Columbia Business School. April 2022 

Ilana Horwitz on Educational Performance and Religion, Tikvah, April 2022

The God, grades advantage. On Good Authority Podcast, Tulane University, March 2022

God, Grades, and Graduation, Cross & Gavel, March 2022

How does a religious upbringing influence a student’s academic outcomes? Heterodox Academy, March 2022

Religiously Engaged Working-Class Students Are Twice as Likely to Earn College Degrees. The Education ExchangeFebruary 2022

Conversation with Cardinal Timothy Dolan (watch min 37-47), February 2022 

Faith and Truth-Seeking: What is the Role of Religion in Higher Ed? Heterodox AcademyJuly 2021 

What do we know about American Jewry? Grant Center for the American Jewish Experience at Tulane University, May 2021

Lessons from the 1900 Generation: Connecting the Old and New Maps of Life. Stanford Center on Longevity, May 2021

Reinventing the University for Lifelong Learning. Stanford Center on Longevity, December 2020

Online Education Has Exacerbated Inequalities. Stanford Center on LongevityApril 2020

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