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"From Bat Mitzvah to the Bar: Religious Habitus, Self-Concept, and Women’s Educational Outcomes"
Horwitz, Ilana M., Kaylee Matheny, Krystal Laryea, Landon Schnabel
March 2022
American Sociological Review
"Abortion Bans Could Deepen the College Drop-Out Crisis"
Horwitz, Ilana M., Kaylee Matheny, Natalie Milan
Fall 2021
Contexts: Sociology for the Public
"Ties in Tough Times: How social capital helps lower-income Jewish parents weather the economic hardship of COVID-19" Horwitz, Ilana M., and Sasha Lascar
July 2021 
Contemporary Jewry
"Religion and Academic Achievement: A Research Review Spanning Secondary School and Higher Education"
Horwitz, Ilana M. 
September 2020
Review of Religious Research
"Not a Family Matter: The effects of religiosity on academic outcomes based on evidence from siblings"
Horwitz, Ilana M., Ben Domingue, and Kathleen Mullan Harris
April 2020
Social Science Research
"Traditional Judaism: The Conceptualization of Jewishness in the Lives of American Jewish Post-Boomers"
Kelman, Ari Y., Tobin Belzer,
Ilana M. Horwitz, Ziva Hassenfeld, and Matt Williams
Fall 2017
Jewish Social Studies
"The Social Self: Toward the Study of Jewish Lives in the Twenty-first Century" 
Kelman, Ari Y., Tobin Belzer, Ilana M. HorwitzZiva Hassenfeld, and Matt Williams
October 2016
Contemporary Jewry
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